From the days when British colonies introduced tonic water with the combination of quinine & carbonated water as a way to ward of  malaria & added a wee of gin, thereby giving rise to the popular Gin & Tonic, the gin has travelled a long way.
McDowell”s Blue Riband Dry Gin has been in India since 1950s &  must say still a very popular brand.  In the past, most of the gin cocktails would invariably have Blue Riband as it’s base. Well with passing years, the pubs started seeing wave of new gin labels such as Hapusa, Greater Than, Stranger & Sons, Jaisalmer crafted by entrepreneurs. The trend of gin culture made a big shout & the counters started pelting some amazing cocktails right from G&T to Martini to Negroni to Gimlet to Tom Collins & many more.

Here is one simple gin cocktail made with the popular Blue Riband Gin
Gin – 45 ml
Lemon juice – 15 ml
Triple Sec – 15 ml
Soda – to top
Orange wheel, Pepper & Cloves to add a wee tangy spice of life.

Preparation Method

Combine all, except soda, and give a wee shake with some ice. Strain it in a cocktail glass with ice cubes & release some pepper & cloves as well the orange wheel & top it up with Soda.

I also take this opportunity to make a mention that I have been following my friend Morten Krag – for a couple of year & have been mesmerised by his amazing cocktails. He has since released his Cocktail Recipe book – “Sophistication Declassified” & I am looking forward to get one of it soon. Congratulations Morten!


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