Insight to Whisky & Tasting – 2 hours

Do you ever ponder while drinking a dram, how long it takes a whisky to be made, or the mystery behind those copper pots and column stills or the age statement on the label of the bottle, or from where those whisky aromas & flavours such as caramel, honey, spice, peat, smoke, cake and many more origin from or what is the difference between a Single malt, a Single grain, a Blended, a Tennessee, a Bourbon, a Rye etc. Well, friends, we will help you to expand your horizons. Get an overview of whisk(e)y and get familiar with the full spectrum of whisky aromas and flavours as you engage all your senses to navigate the range of malt, grain and blended whiskies. Join in for some fun-filled whisk(e)y tasting experience and carry home some memorable memories.

Whisk(e)y Basics

  • Introduction
  • Main Styles of Whisky
    • Single Malt Whisky/Grain Whisky/ Traditional Irish Pot Still Whiskey / Bourbon & Tennessee
  • How Whisky is made
    • Malting/Kilning/Milling/Mashing/Fermentation/Distillation/ Maturation
    • Reading a label
    • A brief on Whisky Cocktails

    • Appreciating Whisky
      • Flavour & Taste
      • Flavour Camps
      • The Single Malt Whisky Flavor Map
    • Tasting Clock & Food pairing

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