Insight to Beer – Tasting – 3 hrs

If you are wondering what is the difference between lager and ales or what are stouts, porter or bock and if you are wondering what is the role of hops in the process of beer brewing or what is a top fermented beer or bottom fermented beer and don’t know where to start, well join us and this experience will answer all that and more.

  • Production & Styles of Beer
  • Introduction & a brief history of beer
  • Types of Beer
    • Lagers
    • Ales & Bitters
    • Wheat Beers
    • Porters & Stouts
    • Speciality Beers
  • How Beer is brewed
    • Ingredients
    • Brewing Process
      • Prologue
      • Mashing
      • Boiling
      • Fermentation & Conditioning
      • Packaging

    • Beer on the table
      • Choosing
      • Keeping & Serving
      • Tasting

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