Cordials & Liqueurs

Can you easily differentiate between Apéritifs & Digestifs or Bitters & Tinctures or Pastis vs Absinthe or have you heard of the Ouzo Effect. Well, Cordials and Liqueurs are an essential part of every bartender’s repertoire of knowledge. Without these “secondary” flavoring agents many, if not all popular cocktails couldn’t be prepared. Join us for an in-depth understanding of all types of Cordials & Liqueurs, Types & Classifications and more.

  • An in-depth understanding of types and styles of Cordials & Liqueurs
  • Origins
  • Flavor and aroma profiles
  • Production methods
  • Difference between aperitifs and digestifs
  • Understanding tinctures and bitters
  • Uses of cordials & liqueurs in popular cocktails
  • Certificate: A Certificate will be issued on completion of the Workshop

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