Unboxing Gin

Gin is by far one of the most popular spirit and over the last couple of years has become on-trend drink. Made from juniper berries, Gin comes from the dutch drink “genever” or “geneva” that came to England in the 1600’s. For more on this join us in this workshop where we will learn more on the fundamentals of Gin to ending up with gin tasting and recommend some classic gin cocktails.

  • An in-depth understanding of Gin including it’s history
  • How Gin is made
  • Production regions
  • Techniques and exotic botanicals used in gin production
  • Experience for yourself how these affect the flavour and quality of gin
  • Recognizing flavors in Gin & distillation process
  • Understand the differences from all different types of Gin
  • Ability to pair Gin & Gin cocktails with food
  • Certificate : A Certificate will be issued on completion of the workshop


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