Unravel the Whisk(e)y World – 2 days

For an in-depth knowledge in different styles of whiskies of the world, join us to this two days workshop where we will extend a broad overview on whiskies, unfold stories on the origin of whisk(e)y, cover shared production processes of the main styles of whisky, aromas and flavour camps and of course do a tasting of some of these styles. So join in and enhance your knowledge on the water of life – Whisk(e)y

  • Introduction, Origin & History
  • Main Styles of Whisky – Blended, Single Malt, Bourbon, Tennessee, Grain, Scotch
  • How Whisky is made – Main ingredients
  • The production method of different styles of Whisky
  • Different distillation methods
  • Difference between a pot still and column still – Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Different maturation styles – Types of oak barrels
  • Types of second cask maturation
  • Difference between Single Barrel, Single Batch, Barrel strength, Cask strength, Barrel proof
  • Aroma and Flavour Profile
  • Appreciating Whisk(e)y

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