Experiences in Wines and Spirits

Various experiences in Wine & Spirits have been carved to impart knowledge and understanding of different types and styles of Wine and Spirits through easy interactive sessions.

Experiences in Mixology where you get an overall understanding of various spirits, liquers and mixes that go in preparation of some of the classic cocktails.

Come and join the EXPERIENCES.

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Solo, Couples, Group
1.5 hours to 4 hours

Insight to Wine & Tasting

Experience Insight to Wine - Tasting & Food Pairing – 2 hours Why a Wine-Tasting Class? Well, let us admit that selecting a wine can for many be a daunting task. Many times, whether you are in a restaurant or in a wine shop or wish to entertain your friends at home, you could possibly
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Insight to Whisky & Tasting

Do you ever ponder while drinking a dram, how long it takes a whisky to be made, or the mystery behind those copper pots and column stills or the age statement on the label of the bottle, or from where those whisky aromas & flavours such as caramel, honey, spice, peat, smoke, cake and many
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Insight to Mixology

A man behind the bar pelting out some gorgeous and colourful drinks, shaking a boston shaker or straining the drink with a haw thorne-strainer or deftly using a bar spoon to stir a drink or pour the drink in those stylish cocktail glasses can be mesmerizing display. Well, join in this exhilarating two hours learning
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Insight to Gin & Tasting – 2 hours

Intrigued with the botanicals that go in distilling this spirit! Join us for an overview of  gin, which undeniably is the most popular spirit, whether straight up or as gin and tonic or Gin Martini. Decipher the botanicals those bring the aromas and flavours in a gin. Introduction Gin Standards and Types Gin Production Flavours
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Insight to Vodka & Tasting – Essentials in Bartending and Cocktails – 3 hrs

The neutral spirit Vodka can evoke lack of flavor. The neutrality, or lack of flavor allows Vodka to be easily flavored with other ingredients and has helped to make Vodka as popular as it is today. Join us as we take you through  the many styles and flavor profiles of Vodka to choose from. Introduction
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Insight to Tequila & Mescal – Tasting – Essential in Bartending & Cocktails – 3 hrs

Tequila evokes exuberance. It takes your mind deep into Mexico. You may wonder what tequila is made of and are there different styles of tequila. Why Mezcal is different than Tequila. Well, join us and we will take you for a journey to the town of Tequila and unfold styles like Joven, Blanco, Repasado, Anejo
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Insight to Beer – Tasting – 3 hrs

If you are wondering what is the difference between lager and ales or what are stouts, porter or bock and if you are wondering what is the role of hops in the process of beer brewing or what is a top fermented beer or bottom fermented beer and don’t know where to start, well join
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Insight to Feni – Cocktails & Tasting – 2 hours

When in Goa, it is all about Fun, Frolic, Food and Feni. One of the first thought rushes is when can I taste Feni and then thoughts linger to find out how it is made, how to drink Feni and the heritage & culture of Feni. Well, this experience will not only take you through
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Insight to Tea Brewing & Tasting

Being the most popular beverage of India, it also comes in different types. There are various styles of preparing a tea from a regular black tea to the masala chai. It has one of the most fascinating story. Join us and we will take you through the tea trail and find out the different types
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