Sensory Evaluation - Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis – 4 days

If you are looking forward to an exhaustive insight to wine tasting and sensory evaluation, then this workshop is one stop for you. This workshop covers what is wine, why we taste wine, how to taste wine analytically, how the senses respond to wine. We will cover wine varietals and how to properly taste them and also extend an exclusive chance to learn about wine and food pairings.

Module I

  • Wine Style Introduction
  • Introduction to Wine Sensory
  • Wine Glasses
  • Basic Wine types
  • Formal Wine Tasting set up
  • Old-World vs New World Wines
  • Climate & Style
  • Selecting wine for the course
  • The tasting grid
  • Wine Clarity
  • Wine Colour
  • The First Sniff
  • The First Taste
  • Formal Wine Evaluation (Whites)
  • First taste
  • The Second Taste
  • Comparison
  • Wine Texture
  • Formal Wine Evaluation (Reds)
  • Final thoughts

Module II

  • Bordeaux Reds & Whites
  • Formal Wine Tasting set up
    • Wine Standards and Varietals
    • Selecting wine for this module
    • Aroma Wheel Exercise
    • Grape Varietals
    • Flight of Whites
    • Aroma Wheel
    • Selecting typical wines
    • White varietals
    • Red varietals
    • Descriptive analysis
    • Flights of Reds
    • Experiment
    • Q&A session
      • Introduction – Common Wine Fault
      • Oxidation and Acetic Acid Faults
      • Threshold
      • Oxidation faults
      • Vinegar
      • Reduction Faults
      • Sulfites and Sulfides
      • Microbial Faults
      • Cork Taint
      • Sulfites
      • Common Wine Fault Summary
      • MLF & Buttery Video

Module III

  • Food and Pairing Reflection
  • Food and Wine Pairing prediction
    • Materials required
    • Food and Wine Pairing Introduction
    • Materials for this Module
    • Pairing Wine and Foods
    • Deconstructing the flavours
    • Sip Bite Sip
    • Q&A session
    • Bridging ingredients
    • Food weight
    • The Cherry Tomato Experiment
    • Balance
    • Grading Food and Wine interactions
    • Food and Wine Pairing Activity

Module IV

  • Evaluation – Choose any Red and White Wine and write an evaluation


  • A Certificate will be issued on completion of the course

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