A passionate Wine & Spirits Enthusiast

I am Mukund, a passionate Wine and Spirits Enthusiast & I love to explore, experience & educate everything that’s Wine & Spirits right from different types and styles of Wines to different expressions of Spirits ranging from Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum & Beer to Liqueurs and Cordials. The fascinating world of Mixology amazes me and I enjoy building drinks and share it through Instagram. I love the feel of the glassware and believe every drink must be poured in the right glass to enjoy the aromas and flavours of the drink to the fullest. Through, my blog I bring forward my day to day experiences on the subject Wine and Spirits.

Through, my website www.abvcurve.com I extend experiences and workshops for all those interested in learning & exploring Wine & Spirits.

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Oak Wood Casks

Wooden casks for spirit maturation Wood plays a significant role in ageing and maturing of spirits including wine and sherry. No wonder 60% to 80% of the total flavour in a whisk(e)y whether scotch or bourbon, aged rum or tequila is uniquely credited to the oak in which it matures. Once the fermented wash is
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Boiling Points of liquids and its effect on production of spirits

Today’s post, I have decided to bring out the effect of the boiling points of different liquids, more specifically of water and alcohol and how it impacts the production of spirits in the alcohol industry. We all know different liquids convert into gas and start evaporating at different boiling points. In the case of water,
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Spirits, Liqueurs, Bitters & Mixes for home bar

Continuing with the series Home Bar Essentials, let me focus on some of the must spirits in your home bar cabinet. These spirits and liqueurs can be enjoyed standalone and also used as a base spirit to make a great number of cocktails. Spirits are the heart of most cocktails and there are lot many
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Tools and Equipment

Coming back to home bar essentials, I have experienced numerous times that though you may have a multiple of tools in your home bar cabinet, however, when it is time to mix a drink it suddenly appears that you are missing on some important tools in your cabinet. In such a situation you start innovating
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Essential Glassware for home bar

Once the home bar cabinet is in place, the next big challenge is to gather tools, equipment, beverages and most importantly stemware or the glassware.   Well, today in my post I will talk on the main glasses that you could buy for your home bar. You may use any number of different glasses for
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Mauritius Passion

Ingredients Saint Aubin White Rum - 35 mlSaint Aubin Dark Rum (Coffee) - 25 mlCoconut liqueur - 15 mlMango juice - 25 mlMilk - 25 mlGarnish:Nutmeg - gratedStar Anise soaked in two dashes of bitters.Preparation Method Combine all, except dark rum, in a shaker and give a good shake with ice. Pour it in a
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