• Smoky Mezcal Margarita

    Keeping in line with the spirit at disposal, here is the Cocktail with Mezcal.

    Mezcal is made from Agave Espadin which is the most commonly used agave in mezcal.  Though Mezcal can also be produced from any species of agave from Oaxaca region. Espadin Agave generally takes about 8-12 years to mature.

    So what Blue Agave is to tequilla –  Espadin Agave is to Mezcal!

    The handprint on this bottle of Marca Negra Mezcal Espadin represents the tireless work of the master distillers.  Coming to the tasting notes & aroma profile, it has a fresh aroma of ripe fruit on the nose with spicy, citrus notes on the palate.  Must say it’s iconic smoky identity stands out which comes when the agave hearts, or pinas, are grilled over hot rocks prior to distilling – which imparts a rich smokey flavor. This is what makes this cocktail go one notch up for me


    Mezcal – 60 ml @marcanegramezcal
    Triple Sec – 30 ml
    Fresh Lime Juice – 30 ml
    Honey – 10 ml
    Salt/Sugar/Chilli powder – to rim
    Fresh lime – to garnish & rim

    Preparation Method

    Muddle the granulated sugar & mix it with a little of chilli powder & salt. Cut a notch in the lime and run all around the glass. Tip the glass in the salt, sugar, chilli mix twisting it all around the glass.

    In a shaker, add mezcal, lime juice, honey & triple sec. Shake it with ice. Strain it in the margarita glass. Garnish with lime & enjoy this smoky delicious sip as its blend with sweet, salty & spicy rim.


  • Long Island Blue Lagoon

    Feb 27th, 2020

    Long Island Blue Lagoon

    This was an  exhilarating evening.
    I simply enjoyed making this one.
    Spontaneous or rather trail and error are key to some of the wonderful  mixes in the world of mixology.
    Goa’s Cashew Feni was awarded Geographical Indication registration in 2009 as a speciality alcoholic beverage from Goa, described as a colourless, clear liquid. Locals just love this spirit as it’s also known for it’s medicinal property & well for the tourists visting Goa it’s a must try drink
    Keeping Feni as my foundation drink I have my eyes set on the rest of white spirits with a blue punch of Curacao to finish.
    Long Island Blue Lagoon🧊

    Cashew Feni – 30 ml @cazulopremiumfeni
    Gin – 15 ml@strangerandsons
    White Rum – 15 ml @bacardi
    Vodka – 15 ml @magicmomentsvodka
    Blue Curacao – 15 ml @desmondji_agaveindia
    Lemon juice – 15 ml
    Sugar cubes – 2

    Preparation Method

    Combine Feni, Gin, Rum, Vodka & lemon juice in a mixing glass & add sugar cubes. Muddle the cubes and stir with a couple of ice. Add Blue Curacao and add in a some more ice and boston shake the mix. Strain it in a cocktail glass. Unveil the magic moments with this luscious feni  cocktail.


  • The Long Blue Island

    The Long Blue Island

    With the arrival of my tumbler to my glassware collection, I sure wanted to inaugurate the new arrival with pomp & gaiety!
    Looking at the size of the tumbler, the one cocktail that striked my mind was the Long Island Ice Tea. So introduced the exotic blue curacao as a substitute to coke. The fresh  tender coconut water to mellow the strong concoction!

    Tequila – 20 ml
    Vodka – 20 ml @cirocvodka
    Gin – 20 ml @strangerandsons
    White Rum – 20 ml @bacardi
    Triple Sec – 20 ml
    Blue Curacao – 30 ml @desmondji_agaveindia
    Lime juice – 20 ml
    Fresh coconut water – 100 ml
    Sugar syrup – 20 ml
    Salt – a pinch
    Lemon wheel – to garnish

    Preparation Method

    Combine the white spirits, triple sec, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, salt in a mixing glass & stir. Fill the tumbler glass  with ice & pour the over it. Add the fresh tender coconut water & release the blue Curacao to finish. Garnish with lemon wheel. There was my long drink ready to quench my thirst

  • Anejo Chili Margarita

    Anejo Chili Margarita

    Anejo Reserve 1800 Tequila : Made from 100%  Blue Agave, this tequila is aged for more than a year in French & American  Oak. It has a deep copper/amber colour & nice viscosity. Taste of agave & smoke. The smokiness, I felt is more of the burned pinas rather from the barrels. Pleasant Agave spiciness,  nutty & oaky, with hint of smoky vanilla. Smooth
    With Anejo tequila around, it’s time to add some spice to the cocktail & relish like never before. Not recommended for faint hearted as we blend this drink with some red hot chili powder. Though Chipotle  chili powder recommended but I substituted with another brand.

    Tequila – 45 ml @
    Orange liqueur – 25 ml
    Lime juice – 25 ml
    Sugar Syrup – 10 ml
    Chili powder – 1/2 tsp
    Salt & Chilli powder mix – to rim
    Lemon wedge – to garnish
    Preparation Method

    Rim an old fashioned glass with a mixture of chili powder & salt.Drop a sugar cube and pour 5 ml of the Anejo tequila on it and let it soak.
    Combine the tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, syrup & chilli powder in a mixing glass and shake it good with a few ice cubes. Strain it in the glass over fresh ice cubes. Stir. Garnish with lemon wedge.
    Enjoy this Spicy Red Hot Margarita

  • Rosita



    Campari – 30 ml @campariofficial
    Tequila Blanco – 30 ml
    Dry White Wine – 15 ml
    Monin Syrup – 15 ml
    Lime wheel

    Preparation Method

    Shake all with ice, except wine, in a Cobbler Shaker. Pour it in a cocktail  glass & add the wine. Garnish with Lime
    Must say a nice blend, though complex. I replaced vermouth to dry White wine.  On the palate light sweetness followed by Agave notes & the cool bitter finish of Campari & the crispiness of Wine

  • Maple Jamun Margarita

    Maple Jamun Margarita


    Tequila – 60 ml Don Alejandro Blanco
    Orange Liqueur – 25 ml @cointreau
    Whiskey – 20 ml @jackdaniels_us
    Lemon juice – 25 ml
    Jamun fruit – half a dozen
    Cocktail lime wedges
    Salt – to rim
    Ice cubes

    Preparation Method

    Take a tall glass. Rim it with lemon & salt. Combine tequila, orange liqueur & lemon juice over ice cubes and stir well. Add more ice cubes & intersperse jamun & lemon wedges and stir more. To finish, float the Maple Charcoal filtered whiskey. Sip & Sip & Sip the cool Margarita & Relax
    Don Alejandro Blanco Tequila with a 40% abv & falls under the classification of ‘Mixto tequila’ which requires minimum 51% agave. This one  comes with 75% Agave. With subtle vegetal elements, white pepper, floral aroma & vanilla flavour it is a good selection  for margaritas more coz of  it’s 75%Agave profile
    Jack Daniel Whiskey from Tennessee with a mashbill of 80% corn, 12% rye, 8% malt is a spirit which is filtered through sugar maple charcoal to produce a mellow slightly smoky character. At 40%abv , it’s mellow smoky character fits in right as a floater to finish the cocktail. Simply amazing 🥃

    Cointreau with 40% abv a well known liqueur to several well-known cocktails. It was originally called “Curaçao Blanco Triple Sec”. A must for classic margaritas 🥂
    Jamun is a berry type fruit from tropical evergreen tree which comes with a taste profile that is a combination of sweet, mildly sour and astringent flavour. It goes great with salt. Being a seasonal fruit, I thought to give it a try in my drink. With few slits, the fruit went in the drink leaving it’s sweet & sour flavour to the drink Check out pic 4 of the image slide


  • Orange Tea Martini

    Orange Tea Martini


    Tanqueray Gin – 45 ml @tanqueraygin
    Desmondji Tequila – 15 ml @desmondji_agaveindia
    Bol Triple Sec – 15 ml @bolsgenever_nl
    Monin Lemon Tea – 15 ml @monin_europe
    Orange wedge – for garnish & express
    Fresh Mint – for garnish
    Ice – 6 cubes

    Preparation Method

    Chill the Martini glass Combine all in a shaker.  Shake it vigorously with six ice cubes to chill, dilute & mix. Pour it in the chilled Martini glass. Garnish with Mint & Orange wedge. Sip & enjoy the soothing flavours of the concoction. Don’t forget to express the orange peel mid-way.


  • Hot Frozen Margarita

    Hot Frozen Margarita


    Tequila – 60 ml @donalejandro
    Orange Liqueur – 30 ml @grandmarnierofficial
    Dark Rum – 10 ml @bacardi
    Lemon juice – 30 ml
    Green chilli
    Crushed ice

    Preparation Method

    Use Boston Shaker to shake tequila, liqueur, lemon juice with ice. Pour it over crushed ice in a Margarita cocktail glass half rimmed with lemon & salt. Gently release dark rum. Float a lemon ring and a slit hot green chilli. Stir the concoction with slit chilli as you sip on the Frozen Margarita.
    Cheers 🥂
    Margarita is often hailed as the quintessential “Mexican” cocktail.
    Carlos “Danny” Herrera, owner of Tijuana restaurant Rancho La Gloria, claims he invented the drink in 1938. .
    Dallas socialite Margarita Sames insisted that she concocted the drink for a group of her friends while vacationing in Acapulco in 1948.
    Story also goes that in 1941, bartender Don Carlos Orozco was tending bar in Ensenada, Mexico. While, he was futzing around making cocktails, Margarita Henkel, daughter of a German ambassador, walked into his bar. He allowed her to taste his experiment and coined the drink in her honor.
    Danny Negrete is also named as inventor of the drink. Apparently, the cocktail was a wedding gift for his sister-in-law, yep another Margarita, bestowed upon her at the Garci Crespo Hotel. Interestingly enough, Negrete worked at Agua Cliente Race Track, where starlet Margarita Cansino (you might know her as Rita Hayworth) would often perform.
    However the margarita may not be named after a beautiful woman at all, but instead may just be a variation of another cocktail that was popular during Prohibition: the Daisy. In fact, margarita means “daisy” in Spanish. The only difference between the Daisy and the margarita is that the former was made with brandy and the latter with tequila.


  • Mexican 75

    Mexican 75


    Chandon Brut @chandonbrut
    Villa Vercelli Silver Tequila – 25 ml 
    Grenadine fruit syrup – 10 ml 
    Lemon juice – 5 ml 
    Sliced Black grapes
    Preparation Method

    Pour grenadine syrup in a flute. Drop in sliced black grapes. Pour in tequila & lemon juice. Stir well. Top it up with Brut. Enjoy

  • Long Island Iced Tea

    Long Island Iced Tea

    Robert “Rosebud” Butt is the personality who appears to have invented the Long Island Iced Tea as an entry in a contest to create a new mixed drink with triple sec in 1972 while he worked at the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island, New York.
    Variation to the Long Island is the Purple Rain, which uses the same mix as a Long Island but the Triple Sec is replaced with a shot of raspberry liqueur and the cola replaced with lemonade.

    Tequila – 15 ml @reposado
    Vodka – 15 ml@absolutvodka_gallery
    Gin – 15 ml @gordonsginuk
    Rum – 15 ml @bacardi
    Orange Liqueur – 10 ml
    Lemon juice – 10 ml
    Cola – to top up @cocacola
    Preparation Method
    Pour lemon juice & orange liqueur in a Collin glass. Stir. Top it up with ice. Add the famous fours.
    Stir. Top it up with Cola & garnish with fresh mint leaves. Enjoy the long drink

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