Insight to Wine - Tasting & Food Pairing – 2 hours

Why a Wine-Tasting Class? Well, let us admit that selecting a wine can for many be a daunting task. Many times, whether you are in a restaurant or in a wine shop or wish to entertain your friends at home, you could possibly end up with the same old regular choices though you may have desired a favourable encounter while choosing the wine.

To add to the confusion, the more you listen about wine, the more it gets complicated – Question pop up which wine to chill and which not,  whether to select a cork or a cap wine top bottle, what food should serve or pair, whether the glass selected is the right choice for the wine & the uneasiness goes on and on.

We are pleased to bring you such an experience that not only teaches you about wine varietals and how to properly taste them but also gives you a unique opportunity to learn about wine and food pairings. By the end of the session it can not only help in removing your fears but you will love to select and appreciate the wine to the fullest.

So, join & enjoy a wine tasting and sensory expereince!

What to expect:

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to wine
  • Regions
    • Old World vs New World Wine regions
  • Grape Varietals
    • Top ten varietals and their aroma profile
  • Brief on production process of Wine
    • Still Wine – Red & White
    • Sparkling Wine
    • Fortified Wine
  • Basic wine equipment/Serving temperatures
  • Basic Wine and food pairing principles
  • Choosing, buying and storing wine
  • Tasting & Describing Wine
    • Still Wine – Red & White Wine
    • Sparkling Wine
    • Fortified Wine

Duration : Two hours

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