Whiskey & Feni Distillery Tours

A fun filled and an educational tour to Single Malt Whisky Distillery & Feni  production and tasting tours in Goa

Suitable for
Solo, Couples, Group
3 hours

Single Malt Whisky Tour & Workshop

Tour Single Malt Whisky Distillery Tour & Workshop - 4 hours Though around 80% of world whisky production may be blended whisky, it is the Single Malt Whisky which falls under the remaining 20% that commands high demand. Coming out of a single distillery, the single malt whiskies are truly a whisky enthusiast's delight. Join
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Masterclass in Feni

Tour Masterclass in Feni - the popular Goan Spirit Goa is famous for the production of local spirit Feni just as Tequila is to Mexico. While in Goa what better experience than a masterclass in Feni production, different types of Feni and sampling and appreciation of the aroma flavour profile of Feni. Book a seat
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