• Feni-Mango Mania

    With fresh mango fruit, jalapeno Chili pepper as well mulberry fruits from the garden, it is a wonderful time to go native with Goa’s famous traditional  spirit – Feni


    Cashew Feni – 60 ml @cazulopremiumfeni
    Fresh Mango juice – 30 ml
    Lemon juice – 15 ml
    Sugar Cubes – 2
    Sprite lemonade
    Jalapeno Chili Pepper slices – a few
    Lemon slices – a few
    Mulberry, Mango slice, Lemon wheel – to garnish

    Preparation method

    In a mixing glass add the sugar cube & lemon juice. Muddle the sugar cubes. Add in the cashew feni, mango juice & shake the ingredients with few ice cubes. In a cocktail glass add few ice cubes, lemon slices & jalapeno slices. Pour in the shaken drink in the glass. Top it up with sprite lemonade. Gently stir. Garnish with mulberry & lemon wheel.


  • Long Island Blue Lagoon

    Feb 27th, 2020

    Long Island Blue Lagoon

    This was an  exhilarating evening.
    I simply enjoyed making this one.
    Spontaneous or rather trail and error are key to some of the wonderful  mixes in the world of mixology.
    Goa’s Cashew Feni was awarded Geographical Indication registration in 2009 as a speciality alcoholic beverage from Goa, described as a colourless, clear liquid. Locals just love this spirit as it’s also known for it’s medicinal property & well for the tourists visting Goa it’s a must try drink
    Keeping Feni as my foundation drink I have my eyes set on the rest of white spirits with a blue punch of Curacao to finish.
    Long Island Blue Lagoon🧊

    Cashew Feni – 30 ml @cazulopremiumfeni
    Gin – 15 ml@strangerandsons
    White Rum – 15 ml @bacardi
    Vodka – 15 ml @magicmomentsvodka
    Blue Curacao – 15 ml @desmondji_agaveindia
    Lemon juice – 15 ml
    Sugar cubes – 2

    Preparation Method

    Combine Feni, Gin, Rum, Vodka & lemon juice in a mixing glass & add sugar cubes. Muddle the cubes and stir with a couple of ice. Add Blue Curacao and add in a some more ice and boston shake the mix. Strain it in a cocktail glass. Unveil the magic moments with this luscious feni  cocktail.


  • Feni-in Style

    Feni-in Style

    World Feni Week being celebrated in Goa. Nothing better than a cocktail to kick start with some local flavours
    Karvanda Also known as conkerberry or bush plum is found in Australia, India, South Asia, Africa. Being a seasonal fruit this is famous for it’s sweet flavour when fully ripe. Abundantly available at this time of the year indeed a great fruit to introduce with local drink

    Cashew Feni – 60 ml @cazulo_premium_feni
    Dukshiri Coconut Feni – 15 ml @cazulo_premium_feniCabo Rum Coconut Liqueur – 15 ml
    Lime juice – 15 ml
    Orange Wedges – to garnish
    Ice cubes
    Karvanda – to relish 
    Preparation Method

    Combine Feni, Rum Coconut Liqueur, Lime juice, in a cocktail shaker. Shake it with ice. Pour it over ice in a glass. Express Orange peel & drop in orange  wedges in the glass & top it up with soda. Garnish with Karvanda lined up on to a cocktail stick. Enjoy the juicy bush plum as you sip your drink.


  • Vodka-Feni Smash

    Vodka-Feni Smash


    Absolt Vodka – 30 ml @absolut
    Cazulo Cashew Feni – 30 ml @cazulo_premium_feni
    Fresh tender coconut water – 30 ml
    Fresh Pineapple juice – 20 ml
    Lime juice – 10 ml
    Crushed Cardamom – a pinch
    Cardamom has it all. It’s a complex and highly fragrant spice which when crushed brings out minty & citrusy notes. A great player in making exotic drinks
    Preparation Method

    Combine all in a shaker with cracked ice and shake well. Pour in a cocktail glass and garnish with Orange Wedge. Sip & Enjoy the awesome flavours with summer on the back.


  • Lemon Grass Feni Martini

    Lemon Grass Feni Martini


    Feni – 60 ml @cazulo_premium_feni Dukshiri
    Orange liqueur – 30 ml @grandmarnierofficial
    Lemon juice – 20 ml
    Lemon grass – an inch stalk
    Lemon wedges – 02 wedges .

    Preparation Method Combine lemon juice, lemon wedges, lemon grass stalk & muddle it gently in a mixing glass. Add Feni & the Orange liqueur along with six ice cubes. Stir for around 2 minutes till the ice melts. Double strain in a Martini glass. Garnish it with lemon grass twig. Enjoy & explore the flavours as they come alive in your palate.


  • Cazulo Sunrise

    Cazulo Sunrise

    An eventful evening at Feni tasting hosted by none other than @cazulo_premium_feni

    A sound introduction to the history of Feni production in Goa, a walkthrough to the process of making feni,  tasting of three variants viz., Cashew Feni, Coconut Feni & Dukshiri followed by some exciting Feni cocktails crafted by Mixologist Carl supported by some delicious traditional Goan Cuisine .. in short sums up the educational & entertaining evening. Thanks @cazulo_premium_feni

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