• Mauritius Passion


    Saint Aubin White Rum – 35 ml
    Saint Aubin Dark Rum (Coffee) – 25 ml
    Coconut liqueur – 15 ml
    Mango juice – 25 ml
    Milk – 25 ml
    Nutmeg – grated
    Star Anise soaked in two dashes of bitters
    Preparation Method

    Combine all, except dark rum, in a shaker and give a good shake with ice. Pour it in a cocktail glass. Top it up with dark rum. Grate the nutmeg over the top & garnish with bitters soaked  anise.
    Thanks to my buddy Sandy who gifted some fabulous miniatures of Mauritius Rum & this lockdown time is the perfect hour to mix these fabulous expressions.



  • Trendy Gin

    From the days when British colonies introduced tonic water with the combination of quinine & carbonated water as a way to ward of  malaria & added a wee of gin, thereby giving rise to the popular Gin & Tonic, the gin has travelled a long way.
    McDowell”s Blue Riband Dry Gin has been in India since 1950s &  must say still a very popular brand.  In the past, most of the gin cocktails would invariably have Blue Riband as it’s base. Well with passing years, the pubs started seeing wave of new gin labels such as Hapusa, Greater Than, Stranger & Sons, Jaisalmer crafted by entrepreneurs. The trend of gin culture made a big shout & the counters started pelting some amazing cocktails right from G&T to Martini to Negroni to Gimlet to Tom Collins & many more.

    Here is one simple gin cocktail made with the popular Blue Riband Gin
    Gin – 45 ml
    Lemon juice – 15 ml
    Triple Sec – 15 ml
    Soda – to top
    Orange wheel, Pepper & Cloves to add a wee tangy spice of life.

    Preparation Method

    Combine all, except soda, and give a wee shake with some ice. Strain it in a cocktail glass with ice cubes & release some pepper & cloves as well the orange wheel & top it up with Soda.

    I also take this opportunity to make a mention that I have been following my friend Morten Krag – @thecocktail.blog for a couple of year & have been mesmerised by his amazing cocktails. He has since released his Cocktail Recipe book – “Sophistication Declassified” & I am looking forward to get one of it soon. Congratulations Morten!


  • Feni-Mango Mania

    With fresh mango fruit, jalapeno Chili pepper as well mulberry fruits from the garden, it is a wonderful time to go native with Goa’s famous traditional  spirit – Feni


    Cashew Feni – 60 ml @cazulopremiumfeni
    Fresh Mango juice – 30 ml
    Lemon juice – 15 ml
    Sugar Cubes – 2
    Sprite lemonade
    Jalapeno Chili Pepper slices – a few
    Lemon slices – a few
    Mulberry, Mango slice, Lemon wheel – to garnish

    Preparation method

    In a mixing glass add the sugar cube & lemon juice. Muddle the sugar cubes. Add in the cashew feni, mango juice & shake the ingredients with few ice cubes. In a cocktail glass add few ice cubes, lemon slices & jalapeno slices. Pour in the shaken drink in the glass. Top it up with sprite lemonade. Gently stir. Garnish with mulberry & lemon wheel.


  • Whisky-Mango Iced Tea

    With lockdown the fruits are not easily accessible. But with the Mango season around & the garden mango tree giving bumper yield, well it’s time to bring in mango in the frame & enjoy some amazing cocktails this season. Here is one such Mango delight with my favourite Paul John Single Malt turning out Whisky-Mango Iced Tea.

    Whisky – 50 ml @pauljohnwhisky
    Lemon Tea – 15 ml @monin_europe
    Fresh Mango juice – 25 ml
    Lemon juice – 10 ml
    Bitters – a dash
    Ripe mango slice – to garnish

    Preparation Method

    Combine Whisky, Lemon Tea, Mango &  Lemon juice in a shaker with ice. Shake it till well chilled. Using a Hawthorne strainer pour it in a glass with a couple of ice. Release a dash of Cocktail bitters & garnish with mango slice.


  • Melon Vodka Martini

    Vodka Martini with fruity flavours coming from Melon & Peach liqueurs & the acidity from lime juice that so elegantly balances the sweetness imparted from liqueurs.

    Let’s go the Bond way – Shaken & not Stirred!


    Vodka – 50 ml
    Melon liqueur – 25 ml
    Peach liqueur – 10 ml
    Lime juice – 10 ml
    Mint – to garnish

    Preparation Method

    Shake all with ice & strain it in a Martini glass. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.


  • Bellini – A Twist

    Bellini – A Twist

    Going ahead with easy mixes, here is one that I tried out in Bellini style. Bellini is the famous cocktail made with Prosecco and peach purée or nectar & which has its origin in Venice, Italy.

    Well, no worries if Prosecco or Sparkling Wine is not around, I have replaced sparkling wine with tonic water & gave a gin base. I have my near Bellini style concoction out here. I have also mentioned some substitutes. Well, no harm – trial & error is the route to success.

    Gin – 45 ml – (Or Vodka or Tequila)
    Ginger Syrup – 15 ml
    Lime juice – 10 ml
    Orange juice – 25 ml ( Or Watermelon or Peach juice)
    Sugar cube – 1
    Bitters – 2 dashes (Or Brandy or Rum – 5 ml)
    Tonic water – 30 ml ( Or any Tangy fizzy drink)
    Flute glass – Or any cocktail glass🥂

    Preparation Method
    Drop a sugar cube in a flute glass & soak it with bitters. In a mixing glass, add in the gin, ginger syrup, lime juice & orange juice. Add a couple of ice cubes & stir gently. Strain it in the flute & top it up with tonic water.

    There is my Bellini Twist. Give it a try & do tag me to your Bellini twist



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