• Cazulo Sunrise

    Cazulo Sunrise

    An eventful evening at Feni tasting hosted by none other than @cazulo_premium_feni

    A sound introduction to the history of Feni production in Goa, a walkthrough to the process of making feni,  tasting of three variants viz., Cashew Feni, Coconut Feni & Dukshiri followed by some exciting Feni cocktails crafted by Mixologist Carl supported by some delicious traditional Goan Cuisine .. in short sums up the educational & entertaining evening. Thanks @cazulo_premium_feni

  • Boston Sour

    Boston Sour

    Boston Sour is a fantastic drink with whiskey, lemon juice, sugar & egg white.
    Minus the egg white, it’s the conventional Whiskey Sour.
    And if you float full-bodied red wine to a whiskey sour concoction, then what you have is the New York Sour.
    Mine this evening is the Boston Sour.

    Bourbon – 45 ml
    Fresh lemon juice – 20 ml Sugar syrup – 10 ml
    Egg white – 10 ml
    Cubed ice
    To garnish: Strawberry and an orange slice
    Preparation Method

    Dry Shake all for 15 seconds & then shake it hard with ice for about 20 seconds to chill the liquid really well.
    Strain the mix into a old fashioned glass filled with ice and garnish with the strawberry and orange slice.

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