• Bulliet Bourbon

    Bulleit Bourbon a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey produced  in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky was the toast tonight.

    This amber beauty is characterized by a high rye content for a bourbon with a mash bill of 68% corn (maize), 28% rye (which is more than half of what’s mandated for it to be considered rye whiskey) and 4% malted barley. At 90% proof it was such a sweet spicy treat.

    It has a great legacy with the first batch coming out way back in 1830. The slight tilted label sure is a bold designers’ move. The bottle with the embossed brand name looks magnificent.

    Bulleit Bourbon

    Well I had it neat & then gave a shot on the rocks. Here is my tasting notes in my diamond whiskey Glass @bon.zeal
    Colour – Amber
    Nose – Sweet & with spicy notes of cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg coming in from high rye content for sure.
    Palate – Vanilla, sweet caramel, oak, notes of dried fruit and spice
    Finish: Well balanced with sweet lingering spice & sweet smoky finish.
    Though BBQ recommended for pairing, I relished it with apple slices & dark chocolate.


  • Mississippi Punch

    Mississippi Punch


    Bourbon Whiskey – 15 ml @makersmark
    White Rum – 15 ml @bacardi
    Cherry Brandy – 15 ml @bolsbartending
    Bitters – a dash @cocktailpunk
    Crafted brut – 150 ml @brocodeclub
    Orange zest – 1/2 tsp
    Orange wheel – for garnish
    Ice cubes – 08
    Preparation Method

    Combine Bourbon, Rum, Cherry Brandy, Bitters & Orange Zest in a chilled mixing glass with eight ice cubes. Give it a good pro stir. Pour the mix in a beer mug. Top it up with Crafted Brut.Garnish with a fresh orange wheel
    “Shake a leg, break a leg, set the mood, jet the mood, crack a play, back a play. Let this drink take on and unroll your wits” so says Bro Code @brocodeclub 
    “Maker’s Mark Bourbon” – A wonderful dram with it’s signature taste notes of rich and soft caramels on the nose, honey and fruit mouthfeel  makes it perfect choice for the cocktail🥃
    “Bacardi Blanca Rum” with it’s delicate citrus aroma & spiced apples & notes of vanilla, pepper spice rounded mouthfeel was my next best choice for cocktail
    “Bols Cherry Brandy” with it’s light amaretto flavour, coming from the crushed cherry kernels, along with infused brandy & selected herbs & spices makes this liqueur the right choice, I thought so, for it’s mild sweetness profile
    “Alpino Cocktail Punk bitters” brings in the much required harmonious balance to the drink🥂
    “Brocode Crafted Brut” –  Smooth & refreshing sparkling wine cooler was a wonderful finish to top up the drink and get that fizzy punch to the concoction
    With some of my memorabilia picked up from States during my holidays also feature in the post to add the Mississippi punch


  • Finest Sour

    Finest Sour

    With Ballantine’s Finest Whisky in possession, it is time to light up the evening with one of their own recipe
    With an exotic twist on a classic with added citrus tang  this cocktail  is a simple pour, shake and strain

    Ballantine’s Finest Whisky – 50 ml
    Lemon juice – 25 ml
    Coconut Rum liqueur – 15 ml
    Sugar syrup – 10 ml
    Egg white – 1 egg
    Cubed ice 
    Fresh mint – to garnish
    Preparation Method

    Fill a martini glass with ice and put it to one side. Grab a cocktail shaker and top it up with cubed ice. Pour in the the ingredients. Shake it up. Remove the ice from your chilled martini glass. Pour the cocktail through a strainer. Garnish it with fresh mint leaves.


  • Bulleit Bourbon Swizzle

    Bulleit Bourbon Swizzle


    Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey : 60 ml @bulleit
    Lemon juice : 20 ml
    Lime Cordial : 10 ml
    Ginger syrup : 10 ml
    Sugar cube : 01
    Crushed Mint leaves : 06
    Regan’s orange bitters – 3 dash
    Peychaud’s bitters – 3 dash
    Orange peel & mint leaf : to garnish
    Preparation Method

    Combine 50 ml of bourbon, lime juice, ginger syrup, cordial, sugar cube, crushed mint. Dry shake. Strain into a highball glass. Add crushed ice. Add in the remaining 10 ml Bourbon . Add more crushed ice. Pour in three dashes each of Regan’s and Peychaud’s bitters & garnish with mint leaf and orange peel. Must say the sip is Sit back,relax like never before.


  • Feni-in Style

    Feni-in Style

    World Feni Week being celebrated in Goa. Nothing better than a cocktail to kick start with some local flavours
    Karvanda Also known as conkerberry or bush plum is found in Australia, India, South Asia, Africa. Being a seasonal fruit this is famous for it’s sweet flavour when fully ripe. Abundantly available at this time of the year indeed a great fruit to introduce with local drink

    Cashew Feni – 60 ml @cazulo_premium_feni
    Dukshiri Coconut Feni – 15 ml @cazulo_premium_feniCabo Rum Coconut Liqueur – 15 ml
    Lime juice – 15 ml
    Orange Wedges – to garnish
    Ice cubes
    Karvanda – to relish 
    Preparation Method

    Combine Feni, Rum Coconut Liqueur, Lime juice, in a cocktail shaker. Shake it with ice. Pour it over ice in a glass. Express Orange peel & drop in orange  wedges in the glass & top it up with soda. Garnish with Karvanda lined up on to a cocktail stick. Enjoy the juicy bush plum as you sip your drink.


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