• Campari Punch

    Campari Punch

    Campari – 30 ml @campariofficial
    Lemon  juice – 30 ml
    Honey syrup – 15 ml
    Peach liqueur – 15 ml 
    Beer – 45 ml
    Maraschino Cherrie
    Lemon wheel

    Preparation Method
    Combine all except beer & shake it with ice. Strain it in cocktail glass & top it up with beer. Garnish with lemon wheel & drop two maraschino cherries

    Enjoy this drink with its’ subtle bitterness, sweet & citrus peachy aromatic flavours.


  • Long Island Blue Lagoon

    Feb 27th, 2020

    Long Island Blue Lagoon

    This was an  exhilarating evening.
    I simply enjoyed making this one.
    Spontaneous or rather trail and error are key to some of the wonderful  mixes in the world of mixology.
    Goa’s Cashew Feni was awarded Geographical Indication registration in 2009 as a speciality alcoholic beverage from Goa, described as a colourless, clear liquid. Locals just love this spirit as it’s also known for it’s medicinal property & well for the tourists visting Goa it’s a must try drink
    Keeping Feni as my foundation drink I have my eyes set on the rest of white spirits with a blue punch of Curacao to finish.
    Long Island Blue Lagoon🧊

    Cashew Feni – 30 ml @cazulopremiumfeni
    Gin – 15 ml@strangerandsons
    White Rum – 15 ml @bacardi
    Vodka – 15 ml @magicmomentsvodka
    Blue Curacao – 15 ml @desmondji_agaveindia
    Lemon juice – 15 ml
    Sugar cubes – 2

    Preparation Method

    Combine Feni, Gin, Rum, Vodka & lemon juice in a mixing glass & add sugar cubes. Muddle the cubes and stir with a couple of ice. Add Blue Curacao and add in a some more ice and boston shake the mix. Strain it in a cocktail glass. Unveil the magic moments with this luscious feni  cocktail.


  • Italian Gentleman

    Feb 19, 2020

    Italian Gentleman

    Today’s cocktail reminds me of the classic Boulevardier which is whiskey’s answer to a Negroni made with gin, offering a wondrous depth of flavor from equal parts American whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Campari.  However, in today’s riff the  Orange Triple Sec replaces Vermouth  keeping Bourbon(Tennessee) & Campari in place.
    Campari is one of the nicest liqueur  with it’s  bitter quality  as well pleasing spicy zesty flavour with orange on the nose and notes of citrus and vanilla. It might be difficult to enjoy neat but certainly imparts balance and complex flavors to a cocktail.
    Tennessee whiskey  has the right quality to hold up to the bitterness of Campari.
    All time favorite Grand Marnier Orange liqueur which is the blend of Cognac Brandy, distilled essence of orange & sugar adds the body and texture to the drink.

    The Italian Gentleman
    Tennessee whiskey: 45 ml @georgedickel
    Campari : 45 ml @campariofficial
    Orange liqueur: 30 ml @grandmarnierofficial
    Regan’s Orange bitters : 2 dashes
    Orange peel: to express oil
    Orange wedge : to garnish
    Preparation Method

    Combine all in a shaker with ice🧊 Shake and strain it in a coupe crystal Express the orange peel & garnish with an orange wedge.

    Italian Gentleman


  • Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    The story is that back in “the day”, after Wild Turkey got it’s name (1941), it was competing with a lot of other bourbons that were bottled in bond which means that they had to be bottled at 100 proof. Not willing to be outdone, the folks at Wild Turkey wanted to stand out and make their whiskey 1 better & that’s how 101.

    Wild Turkey is distilled at a very low proof & comes out of the barrel at around 109 proof requiring only slight dilution before being bottled at 101 proof which means it is as good as coming out right from the bottle & close to barrel proof.  The deep color is attributed to the use of the heaviest char # 4, also known as the “alligator char,” since after that duration of charring, the interior of the oak wood staves has the rough, shiny texture of alligator skin.

    Time to taste the dram – Neat or on the rocks or with few drops of water.
    Sure if you want to appreciate and enjoy bourbon whiskey on its own, then you may like to drink it neat at room temperature and without ice. However, adding a  few drops of water to the whiskey certainly helps to “open up” the aroma of the bourbon. For a beginner, try bourbon whiskey on the rocks, or with a few cubes of ice.
    I tried it neat as well on the rocks but found it most soothing with a few drops of water.
    Mashbill :
    Corn : 75%
    Rye : 13%
    Malted barley : 12%
    Abv: 50.5%
    Nose: Sweet notes of caramel &  candy & intense alcohol fragrance. Vanilla, oak, marshmallow. Spice, nutmeg as good amount of high-rye influence in the mash bill.

    Palate: Pleasant oakiness, sweet corn, vanilla, maple syrup, cinnamon. Well balanced flavors of sweet & spice notes.

    Finish: Long caramel, wood, spice & dry fruit.
    Overall, 101 is a balanced and robust whiskey & had a pleasant drinking experience.

    Wild Turkey 101


  • Old Fashioned – one of the greatest Bourbon cocktail

    Old Fashioned – one of the greatest Bourbon cocktail

    Old Fashioned a 19th century classic cocktail predates to most of the other classic cocktails. It was created in Penndennis Club in Louisville Kentucky buy James E Pepper, the bourbon maker himself and later on added to the menu list of Waldorf- Astoria Hotel bar in New York & went on to become one of the top six classic cocktails🥃🥃
    You can go to 20 different bars and you will find 20 different ways the drink is being made. Some may take 15 minutes to create this drink🥃

    Bourbon whiskey – 60 ml
    Angostura bitters – 3 to 4 dashes
    Sugar cube
    Maraschino cherry

    Preparation Method

    This being a built drink we take the tumbler or whiskey glass which  is also known as the old fashioned glass after this cocktail & place a sugar cube in the bottom of the glass.
    Add three dashes of Angoustra bitters and then add around 15 ml of your favorite bourbon. With the disc of your barspoon gently crush the cube to get a smooth paste
    Add two ice cubes and then gently squeeze the juice of  maraschino cherry into the drink. Add  30 ml of bourbon upto the level of ice. Combine the drink by blending and stirring to bring together all the flavours. Stirring helps to dilute, soften, smoothen as well chill the drink🧊
    Add more ice cubes to about two third of the glass. Take a thick slice of orange with the flesh and good skin and add few drops of the juice to the drink and rub the skin to the inner side of the glass. Drop the slice in it.
    Add 15 ml of bourbon and stir to combine all the flavours. Ensure to retain the bite from the bourbon by not over diluting the drink
    Cheers to the Classic Old Fashioned!

  • Knob Creek

    Generally in a whiskey tasting, the aromas & flavours that are picked up fall in the flavor camps such as – Fragrant & Floral / Malty & Dry / Fruity & Spice/Rich & Round/ Smoky & Peaty/ Rich & Oaky.
    Here is Knob Creek, a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, which falls under the flavor camp of ‘Rich & Oaky’.

    It is distilled to 130 deg proof (65% abv) & barreled at 125 deg proof (62.5% abv) & this one bottled at 100 deg proof (50% abv).

    It comes with abundant vanilla aroma from it’s time spent in barrel & comes along with coconut and flavorful spice. It has blond gold colour.
    On the palate lavish, bold, sweet, & luscious. Concentrated with cinnamon.
    Finally, an oaky buttery finish.
    Whisky Notes:
    In Kentucky & Tennessee whiskies the main cereal used is corn which creates a sweet nose & a fat, buttery, & juicy quality on the palate.
    Wheat is occasionally used by bourbon distillers in place of rye. This affects flavor by adding a gentle, mellow sweetness to the bourbon.
    Knob Creek produced by Beam Suntory has three “siblings” brewed at the Jim Beam distillery: Booker’s, Baker’s, and Basil Hayden’s.
    Knob Creek comes in four varieties: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Straight Rye Whiskey, Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey, and Single Barrel Reserve.

    Knob Creek

    Cheers !

  • Sidecar – The Brandy Classic

    Sidecar – The Brandy Classic

    An old time classic which many  claim to have invented it but one name that pops up is of Harry MacElhone, the guy who ran the Harry’s Newyork Bar which still exists in Paris. In  the 1920 book ‘the ABC of mixing cocktail’ this recipe first appeared in there. Let’s create this simple Brandy Classic

    Brandy – 30 ml
    Triple Sec – 30 ml
    Fresh lemon juice – 30 ml
    Lemon wedge – to garnish
    Preparation Method

    Set your Martini glass to chill. Cut fresh lime & squeeze in the juice in a mixing glass over ice. Add in the brandy & the triple sec. Shake it good & strain it in your chilled Martini glass. Garnish with lemon wedge
    You could also  sugar rim  the glass. To have a flavour balance, if you wish a more sharper & sour drink then you may have more of brandy & less of triple sec & if you wish more sweeter then you may lift the  triple sec & may be drop the brandy a little as well the lemon juice.  Be brave & play with it to your taste & palate

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