• The Long Blue Island

    The Long Blue Island

    With the arrival of my tumbler to my glassware collection, I sure wanted to inaugurate the new arrival with pomp & gaiety!
    Looking at the size of the tumbler, the one cocktail that striked my mind was the Long Island Ice Tea. So introduced the exotic blue curacao as a substitute to coke. The fresh  tender coconut water to mellow the strong concoction!

    Tequila – 20 ml
    Vodka – 20 ml @cirocvodka
    Gin – 20 ml @strangerandsons
    White Rum – 20 ml @bacardi
    Triple Sec – 20 ml
    Blue Curacao – 30 ml @desmondji_agaveindia
    Lime juice – 20 ml
    Fresh coconut water – 100 ml
    Sugar syrup – 20 ml
    Salt – a pinch
    Lemon wheel – to garnish

    Preparation Method

    Combine the white spirits, triple sec, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, salt in a mixing glass & stir. Fill the tumbler glass  with ice & pour the over it. Add the fresh tender coconut water & release the blue Curacao to finish. Garnish with lemon wheel. There was my long drink ready to quench my thirst

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