• Maple Jamun Margarita

    Maple Jamun Margarita


    Tequila – 60 ml Don Alejandro Blanco
    Orange Liqueur – 25 ml @cointreau
    Whiskey – 20 ml @jackdaniels_us
    Lemon juice – 25 ml
    Jamun fruit – half a dozen
    Cocktail lime wedges
    Salt – to rim
    Ice cubes

    Preparation Method

    Take a tall glass. Rim it with lemon & salt. Combine tequila, orange liqueur & lemon juice over ice cubes and stir well. Add more ice cubes & intersperse jamun & lemon wedges and stir more. To finish, float the Maple Charcoal filtered whiskey. Sip & Sip & Sip the cool Margarita & Relax
    Don Alejandro Blanco Tequila with a 40% abv & falls under the classification of ‘Mixto tequila’ which requires minimum 51% agave. This one  comes with 75% Agave. With subtle vegetal elements, white pepper, floral aroma & vanilla flavour it is a good selection  for margaritas more coz of  it’s 75%Agave profile
    Jack Daniel Whiskey from Tennessee with a mashbill of 80% corn, 12% rye, 8% malt is a spirit which is filtered through sugar maple charcoal to produce a mellow slightly smoky character. At 40%abv , it’s mellow smoky character fits in right as a floater to finish the cocktail. Simply amazing 🥃

    Cointreau with 40% abv a well known liqueur to several well-known cocktails. It was originally called “Curaçao Blanco Triple Sec”. A must for classic margaritas 🥂
    Jamun is a berry type fruit from tropical evergreen tree which comes with a taste profile that is a combination of sweet, mildly sour and astringent flavour. It goes great with salt. Being a seasonal fruit, I thought to give it a try in my drink. With few slits, the fruit went in the drink leaving it’s sweet & sour flavour to the drink Check out pic 4 of the image slide


  • Orange Tea Martini

    Orange Tea Martini


    Tanqueray Gin – 45 ml @tanqueraygin
    Desmondji Tequila – 15 ml @desmondji_agaveindia
    Bol Triple Sec – 15 ml @bolsgenever_nl
    Monin Lemon Tea – 15 ml @monin_europe
    Orange wedge – for garnish & express
    Fresh Mint – for garnish
    Ice – 6 cubes

    Preparation Method

    Chill the Martini glass Combine all in a shaker.  Shake it vigorously with six ice cubes to chill, dilute & mix. Pour it in the chilled Martini glass. Garnish with Mint & Orange wedge. Sip & enjoy the soothing flavours of the concoction. Don’t forget to express the orange peel mid-way.


  • Mango Passion

    Mango Passion

    Mangoes are tropical fruit & native to South Asia and very  popular fruit in India
    So when this seasonal mango fruit tree grows right in your backyard in full bloom, its’ time to enjoy some mango delight. Do check Frame 4 of the slide to view the mango tree
    Here is my delicious non-alcoholic drink to counter the summer heat

    Ripe Mango pieces – 1 cup
    Milk – 50 ml
    Honey – 10 ml
    Chia seeds – 1tbsp ( soaked in water for 30 minutes)
    Pomegranate seeds – 3tbsp
    Ice cubes – 2 to 3
    Preparation Method

    Wash, peel and chop mango into small pieces, discard stone.  Combine mango pieces, milk & honey in a blender with ice cubes & blend to a smooth shake. Pour in a glass. Add the Chia & Pomegranate seeds to it. Stir, Sip & Enjoy this luscious drink.
    Here is the Alcoholic option Add 50 ml of Gin or Vodka & 10 ml of Lime juice in place of milk. Blend & pour in a hurricane glass filled with ice cubes.


  • Gin Crystal Float

    Gin Crystal Float


    Gin – 45 ml @hapusagin
    Chandon Brut – 25 ml @chandonindia
    Lime juice – 5 ml
    Peach Liqueur – 15 ml
    Bacardi black crafted rum – 5 ml @bacardi
    Preparation Method

    Drop a crystal ice ball in a Cocktail Martini glass. Combine the Gin, Peach liqueur & Lime juice in the glass  and gently stir. Pour the Brut.  Float the magic potion – The Crafted Rum. .

    Tasting time – The first sip brings out the smoothness of the full bodied rum followed with the rush of fruity and citrusy flavours coming of  peach, brut, lime. Next  the awesome lingering flavours of botanicals coming of gin. Finally – the finish of happiness & satisfaction – that the drink turned out lipsmacking

  • Vodka-Feni Smash

    Vodka-Feni Smash


    Absolt Vodka – 30 ml @absolut
    Cazulo Cashew Feni – 30 ml @cazulo_premium_feni
    Fresh tender coconut water – 30 ml
    Fresh Pineapple juice – 20 ml
    Lime juice – 10 ml
    Crushed Cardamom – a pinch
    Cardamom has it all. It’s a complex and highly fragrant spice which when crushed brings out minty & citrusy notes. A great player in making exotic drinks
    Preparation Method

    Combine all in a shaker with cracked ice and shake well. Pour in a cocktail glass and garnish with Orange Wedge. Sip & Enjoy the awesome flavours with summer on the back.


  • Copper Dog Single Malt Whisky

    I just fell in love with the name ‘Copper Dog’. Got some interesting insight to it. Named after a device used to sneak whisky from the cask to smuggle home, Copper Dog has that same irreverent, cheeky spirit without losing the classic Speyside tradition. It was created by master blender Stuart Morrison as a tribute to all distillery workers.

    Copper Dog is a Scotch whisky that sums up all that is good about Speyside.
    A combination of eight single malts, Copper Dog is deliciously fruity with a hint of honey and spice. Fresh fruit and toffee apple with rich creamy mouthfeel  and a gentle wood presence. Subtle with a long and creamy finish.

    Whisky Notes:

    Foreshots(Heads)-Hearts-Feints (Tails)

    You must have heard these terms vaguely. These terms are the part of distillation process. The character of a new spirit tends to be attributed to the spirit cut. A single malt is distilled twice or occasionally thrice in copper pot stills.

    During the last distillation, compounds with the lowest boiling points called the “foreshots” or the “heads”, boil first. This portion contains the most volatile alcohols including methanol, acetone, acetate etc and is not consumed and is discarded.

    Then comes the middle cut which is the “hearts”. The “hearts” contains the primalary ethanol and the most desirable congeners. “Hearts” are rich in flavor and smells great & tastes smooth. This is the good stuff which is set aside.

    Then the “hearts” gives way to “feints” (tails) where the sweetness disappears & the congeners become less flavourful, and tastes bitter. This “feints” is again set aside with the “heads” for future run.

    It’s the “hearts” (middle cut) that is collected & used for oak ageing.  It’s the skill of the distiller that has to appreciated in getting the finest of new make spirit also known as moonshine which ultimately goes into the making of a whisky after having been aged in oak barrels.

    Copper Dog


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